Wildlife - Endangered


There are so many issue affecting this issue - here a few

FREELAND is dedicated to making the world free of human slavery and wildlife trafficking by increasing law enforcement capacity, supporting vulnerable communities and raising awareness.

The multi-billion dollar illegal trade in protected species is one of the most lucrative illicit markets in the world today. Combined with habitat loss, it is driving many species towards extinction.

Unchecked nature crime not only ravages biodiversity, but the knock-on effects can unravel entire ecosystems. The loss of important watersheds and carbon sinks, for example, endangers human health and food security.

In addition, human trafficking targets vulnerable people for labor and sexual exploitation, destroying lives and tearing families apart. FREELAND believes a compassionate world is a world free of slavery.

Southern Africa has to deal with so many issues of Wild LIfe poaching besides the rest of Africa and the most urgent issue right now is the Rhino Horn scourge. There are to many activists fighting this issue and, which is diluting the impact petitions have and have and the raising of funds to have any affect on the real issue, which is demand. Our mission is to try and unite activists to create one powerful group to make a difference and the most important one being the education of people to reduce demand, which companies like FREELAND are doing,

General Action for all endangered species world wide education, marketing and Projects - pending

Rhino Horn - Endangered Rhino Marketing Project

Elephant - Pending

Lion - Pending

Orangoutang - Pending

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Endangered species: Going, going, gone - Wildlife and plants under increasing threat due to illegal global trade, as 177 countries gather to discuss the problem.

Watch the first episode of Wildlife Warzone exclusively online.

Wildlife poaching is big business. It is worth more than $17bn a year and growing. In Vietnam, rhino horn is thought to be a cure for cancer and is currently worth more than gold.