This highly qualified independent group of scientists, journalists and media professionals will expose large scale corruption and destruction of our biodiversity, which is extremely vulnerable at present.

We hold that the oceans and the land are interdependent and indivisible and that the well-being of all living things inhabiting them are linked.  Our vision is that human social progress and development should nurture and protect environmental integrity.  We place particular emphasis on the importance for life of the water on land and in the seas.


Marketing will take place through highly sophisticated iMedia resources to expose these atrocities. We intend setting up a database for you to register so we can manage petitions with committee members and specialists form numerous industries and activism groups on Facebook and the Internet. We will remind you to please vote/abstain on petitions the committee draws up to be able to react with a powerful reaction and deliver these petitions within a short period. We need one petition for a cause not many to reduce duplication of efforts and impact on the responsible perpetrators.



OCEANS - our oceans are being overfished, polluted, destroyed by industrial development, harbours etc. Projects we are currently protesting are : Techobanine, Mozambique - select here to get involved and be kept up to date with issues we get involved with as we support GreenPeace, Earthrace and others around the world.

WILD LIFE CRIME - Syndicates have taken over and are destroying our heritage exchanging drugs for Rhino horn and tusks in Africa. We tackle numerous issues that are an issue including the meat, medical and hunting markets. We have so many endangered species, which need our support now more than ever

BIODIVERSITY - Industrial development and mining are causing problems throughout Africa as western companies try and find new resources after depleting their own in their countries, at the expense of biodiversity. Various projects are targeted here related to coal, dune mining, highways and prospecting for Oil and Gas.


We need to unite and speak with one voice on all the atrocities that are destroying our ECOSYSTEMS in Africa and around the world. Activist unite using one platform to attack the systems that are in place destroying our planet!

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