Coral Reefs are biodiverse incubators and need to be protected

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CORAL Reefs around the world need to be protected as they are incubators of life, which predators of the ocean feed off. If these island of life disappear it will result in the collapse of the fishing industry and the incredible amount of food many people rely on.

We fight regions that are threatened by mining concessions, prospecting and industrial development including farming run off of pesticides and fertilizers that are currently destroying the Great Barrier Reef for instance.

Current Projects :

  1. 1.Proposed Deep water harbour Techobanine, Mozambique. Save Elephant Coast

  2. 2.Prospecting off Richards Bay by Chinese - Pending

  3. 3.Prospecting off East coast of Kwazulu Natal for oil and gas. - Pending

See how scientists are making a map of the world's largest coral reefs in an effort to save the precious ecosystem.

Meteorologist Brandon Miller reports on the extensive amount of effort and collaboration to compile the research.

Proposed deep water harbour in Marine Reserve - Techobanine, Southern Mozambique

A deepwater harbour development has been announced in the Techobanine region, in the Matutuíne district of Mozambique’s Maputo province.