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We are setting up a database to manage these list in the future but for now if you could please join our mailing list now then we will notify you at a later stage when we require more details to manage the activities of this movement. There are too many small activist groups out there doing their own thing, creating petitions and only getting a few signatures. We would like to offer a platform where each group can manage their lists to push members to either vote/abstain on petitions decided by a scientific panel that will be delivered to the relevant parties.


Management Group with Scientific support - The management team will be made f representatives form various organisations, Facebook groups and conservation businesses each electing one member to represent their organisation. This group will then be supported by selected respected scientists who have the research findings to back up the petitions and any additional actions that might need to take place. Keep in mind this group will not participate in any legal actions or EIA’s but will however deicide on which NGO or company should be responsible for any actions.

Vote on Petitions and Targets to issue - This management group will determine the petitions that need to be issued and will only release one per issue and targeted organisation. For instance a “Stop Poaching of Rhino in Kruger Park issued to Environmental management” will only be issued once to prevent the amount of petitions there are out there. Signatures will continue to grow over time but will be issued when a deadline is reached.

An email will go out to members to vote and will continue to remind them if they have not having an option to abstain or sign the petition. This will be quick and simple and the users will be able to update their own profiles and check their history to see over time how they have voted and possibly their points if we introduce a reward system with a Sponsor.

The petition will be delivered to the relevant organisation by hand by an appointed Member/Scientific group.

The voting will be managed to ensure ALL members vote or abstain, which will give us some incredible statistics including geographic distribution of activism, which will assist us with our marketing exercises.